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Oakleigh South Primary School

Riley St Oakleigh South 3167

Upgrade and Modernisation

  1. Start

    Q4 2020

  2. Planning

  3. Design

  4. Construction

  5. Finish

    Q4 2023

The above dates are forecast only and subject to change.

About the project

We are upgrading and modernising the school, including the administration and classroom building. We are also building a new kitchen garden.

The upgraded and new spaces will provide modern and functional learning environments equipped for 21st century learning.

This school is part of the Oakleigh Education Plan, which is working to transform education in the local area. By rejuvenating and reforming education across Oakleigh we are raising student engagement and community perceptions, and creating an academic drive for all students.


In the 2020–21 State Budget, the school received $8.847 million.

Funding type
Upgrade and Modernisation

Design features

  • Upgrading the central school building will equip students with access to modernised learning spaces.

    We will create flexible learning spaces by extending the existing building.

    These spaces will connect to two breakout spaces so that students can continue to benefit from the school’s well-developed curriculum programs for individual learning.

    Consideration has been to integrate accessibility and inclusiveness in the designs. With outdoor seating areas, these design elements include entry ramps and landscaping for disabled access.

  • The administration, staff centre and classroom building will have their facilities modernised.

    While the main admin entrance location will be retained, a new welcoming space and entry will be created, along with new layouts and spaces for both the foyer area and staff centre.

    The new foyer area will link the main entrance to the office, meeting rooms and principal’s office.

    It will allow for improved access for senior personnel and administration staff.

    Teachers and staff will now have access to an updated staff centre with improved facilities and spaces to host their student resources.

  • A new kitchen facility and upgrade of the relocated Horticulture Garden will provide an integrated facility for students to continue its established program learning about farming, cooking and consuming produce straight from the garden.

    Located to the east end of the hall, the design of the new kitchen space links to the new and renovated works.

    Students will understand how environment, agriculture, and cooking skills combine through hands-on education with these new and upgraded facilities.

  • Architects took great care to prioritise ventilation and outdoor learning facilities in these new and upgraded learning spaces.

    Where possible, windows will open to allow fresh air into classrooms, with additional ventilation available through highlight louvre windows allowing additional air flow.

    There are also many spaces where students can learn outdoors. We will develop the garden north of the administration area so students can enjoy their lunchtime outdoors and allow for outdoor classes.

    The outdoor area around the library will receive landscaping, and the deck extended as an outdoor learning space.

  • Throughout the project, architects have considered the environmental impact from building materials to ongoing power usage.

    Renovations of existing buildings will use sustainable materials and energy-efficient lighting.

    Windows in the new building will be double-glazed, and updated shading will allow natural light and protection from excess sun throughout the day.

    Native plants and trees that need less water than introduced plants will be grown on the school grounds.

Reviewed 02 September 2022

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