Toolern Waters Primary School (interim name)

90 Elpis Road Weir Views 3338

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Find out more about the early learning and childcare centre at Toolern Waters Primary School (interim name).

New School

  • Start

    Q2 2022
  • Planning

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Finish

    Q1 2026

The above dates are forecast only and subject to change.

About the project

We're building a new primary school. It will have places for up to 715 students. This includes 65 students with disabilities.

This school will help meet increasing enrolment demand from a growing local population. It will ease pressure on surrounding schools and help local students get high-quality education close to home.

Supported inclusion school

Toolern Waters Primary School (interim name) will be a supported inclusion school. This school has specialised facilities and capabilities designed to accommodate students with disabilities.

Details on how to enrol your child and enrolment boundaries will be published in the year before the school opens.


The 2022-23 State Budget provided $236.7 million to acquire land for 15 future schools, including Toolern Waters Primary School (interim name). In the 2024-25 State Budget, this school shared in $947.7 million allocated for new schools construction.

Funding type

  • New School