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14 new schools opening in 2024 have their official names and are on track to welcome their first students for Term 1 next year.

What are the new school names?

  • Banum Warrik Primary School
    previously Lockerbie Central Primary School (interim name)
    Banum Warrik (pronounced bar-num warr-rik) are Woi-wurrung words of the Wurundjeri people meaning grassy plains.
  • Bemin Secondary College
    previously Truganina North Secondary School (interim name)
    Bemin (pronounced bee-min) is a Bunurong word meaning ringtail possum.
  • Binap Primary School
    previously Brookfield Primary School (interim name)
    Binap (pronounced bin-narp) is a Woi-wurrung word of the Wurundjeri people meaning manna gum.
  • Brinbeal Secondary College
    previously Riverdale Secondary School (interim name)
    Brinbeal (pronounced brin-bill) is a Bunurong word meaning rainbow.
  • Dharra School
    previously Aintree Specialist School (interim name)
    Dharra (pronounced darr-rah) is a Woi-wurrung word of the Wurundjeri people meaning white hawk.
  • Kurmile Primary School
    previously Officer Brunt Road Primary School (interim name)
    Kurmile (pronounced kur-mill-ee) is a Bunurong word meaning white cockatoo.
  • Laa Yulta Primary School
    previously Black Forest East Primary School (interim name)
    Laa Yulta (pronounced la yule-ta) are Wadawurrung words meaning many stones.
  • Nganboo Borron School
    previously Lollypop Creek Specialist School (interim name)
    Nganboo Borron (pronounced naan-boo bore-on) are Wadawurrung words meaning children first, nurturing on your shoulder.
  • Topirum Primary School
    previously Alexander Boulevard Primary School (interim name)
    Topirum (pronounced top-pur-um) is a Bunurong word meaning star.
  • Walcom Ngarrwa Secondary College
    previously Lollypop Creek Secondary School (interim name)
    Walcom Ngarrwa (pronounced wel-cum nar-wa) are Wadawurrung words meaning steps to knowledge.
  • Warreen Primary School
    previously Truganina North Primary School (interim name)
    Warreen (pronounced wah-reen) is a Bunurong word meaning wombat.
  • Wimba Primary School
    previously Tarneit North Primary School (interim name)
    Wimba (pronounced wim-bah) is a Bunurong word meaning white wallaby.
  • Yarrabing Secondary College
    previously Aintree Secondary School (interim name)
    Yarrabing (pronounced yarra-bing) is a Woi-wurrung word of the Wurundjeri people meaning white gum.
  • Yubup Primary School
    previously Merrifield South Primary School (interim name)
    Yubup (pronounced you-boup) is a Woi-wurrung word of the Wurundjeri people meaning parakeet.

How were the names selected?

In March 2023, the Victorian Government announced that Aboriginal language names would be the preference for new schools opening from 2025 onwards. This initiative was to further promote Aboriginal self-determination, language, and culture across the state. The initiative was brought forward for the 2024 new schools’ naming program.

The preferred new school names were chosen in collaboration with Geographic Names Victoria and Traditional Owner groups. A two-week community consultation process took place, which received over 7,000 submissions.

For more information about the 14 new schools, including their newly appointed principals and enrolment details, visit each school’s project page.

Reviewed 31 July 2023

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